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Our People



Our People
The Team at Vansan Construction is an impressive group of professionals, focused, committed and driven to provide quality products and superior service. Together, this management team brings knowledge, insight, passion and an infectious level of enthusiasm to every Vansan project and that is the key factor for our excellence in construction.

Shan Sutharsan
Managing Director & Construction Director 

Shan Sutharsan is the managing director of Vansan Construction(PTY) Ltd and is responsible for direct all construction works and contracts. He has over 15 years experience in the field as a registered building practitioner in Australia and holding the license for residential and commercial costructions. Further, he is specialised in commercial construction in India for six years.In addition, he is a member of Master Builders Association of Victoria and Master Builders Association of New South Wales.

Vani Sutharsan
Director Financial & Designs 

Vani Sutharsan is the director for financial affairs of Vansan Construction(PTY) Ltd and is responsible for manage all financial aspects of construction  projects and contracts. She has over 10 years of experience in financial management. Further she is responsible for managing and evaluating designs and colour selections of all Vansan projects.

Project Managers 
Vansan Construction has employed a panel of qualified, well experienced project managers with full of confidence to deliver the projects on time and fullest satisfaction of clients. They are expertise in residential and commercial construction in Australia as well as overseas and are fully responsible for planning and coordinating all construction activities, material procurement, quality controlling, directing and coordination of subcontractors in their own projects

Building Designers and Design Engineers
Vansan Construction contains in-house highly qualified and experienced group of building designers and engineers specialized in building designs, structures, storm water drainage, electrical and mechanical designs in residential and commercial constructions.
Construction Engineers
All the Vansan projects are undertaking by qualified and impassioned panel of civil and building engineers. They are mainly accountable for manage and supervision of construction activities, quality controlling and safety of Vansan projects.  
Estimators and Quantity Surveyors
An experienced and qualified team of estimators and quantity surveyors employed by Vansan Construction to provide realistic and competitive estimations to the clients in timely manner. Further they are responsible for monitoring and reporting of financial progress and cost of the projects.
All components of the Vansan projects are carried out by our qualified and high proficient group of subcontractors who have been working with Vansan Construction for many years. Our long standing relationships with these specialists ensure the high quality end product.


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